Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Spooktacular Wednesday

Hi guys,

I know spooktacular isn't a real word and it doesn't being with W like my usual Wednesday posts, but I couldn't think of anything which could sum up just how spooky my night with Nick was on Monday. It would have been scary spending the night with him under any circumstances, just because he makes me nervous for some reason, but on Halloween it was really really scary. The manageress showed us to our room and Nick put down his sleeping bag ready. He's so particular you see. He has to have everything "just so" before he gets down to any work. Then he got his video recording stuff and we both went into the corridor to set up. Lila said it was quite mild outside when she took her friend's daughter trick or treating but I couldn't stop shivering even though I was wearing my fleece and a parka. I was so cold I even wore my fleece in bed (that and the fact I didn't want Nick to see any part of my body that was usually kept under wraps!) Anyway, we left the video recorder set up in one part of the corridor and at the end there is a bench where people can sit and look out of the window. We both sat next to each other and it was about half-eleven when we first heard shuffling sounds. At first we thought it was one of the residents but most were in bed with their lights off by half-ten. Then we both heard someone say "hello". At first I thought I'd imagined it but when I noticed the horror on Nick's face I realized it was someone speaking to us; a male voice, quite deep and not malicious or anything but we both said, "did you hear that?" and nodded and then we knew it was real. I wanted to go back to our room because that was enough fear for me but Nick wanted to stay - probably because he was frozen to the spot. It was then that I wish we had gone back to our room. We both saw it so we know we aren't going crazy; it was a white mist that seemed to drift towards us. There was no ghostly figure or anything - just mist. It was deathly cold and it hovered just in front of us for a second and then dissolved in front of us. We both looked at each other again and went back to our room. We knew that something unexplained was definitely happening. We both decided to try and get some sleep but we heard weird howling noises. It was probably a cat outside but it only added to our fear! The next morning in work Nick started to download the video and then we saw it - the mist that had hovered to us was, in fact, an apparition of a slim, pale, dark-haired young woman. We could see it clearer on the video. I'm so glad I didn't get to see it face to face or I'd have totally freaked and Nick wasn't man enough to calm me down - he'd  have probably ran off before I did. So, there you have it, my scariest Halloween ever. We ran the story the next day but when we tried to print a still of the image it wouldn't let us and when we tried to do it again we found that the image had been wiped from the video. Strange, I know. But then Callie's World is home to the weird and wonderful. I have nothing exciting planned for the next few days and so when I post on Friday I will tell you all about my girls' night out last week.

Until then,

Callie signing off xxx

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