Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Washed-out Wednesday

Hi guys

All I can say today is "Agghhhhh!" Have you ever had one of those days when nothing goes right? I think I must have walked under a ladder or something because my luck stinks. People who say you make your own luck annoy me because if I made my own luck I would have a five bed-roomed mansion, a limo, a size 10 body and be married to Jonny Depp. Instead I've had to put up with a bad hair day. I woke up this morning with strands sticking up like some sort of hedgehog and even the GHDs wouldn't tame them. I noticed a huge spot on the end of my nose which is now starting to ooze yellow goo. My run of bad luck continued when I dropped my cup of tea all over my skirt and had to go change and put a wet tea towel on my knee to stop the scalding and then when I got to work and parked in my usual parking space I ended up standing in some dog muck which some annoying person hadn't picked up (and what was a dog doing in the car park of my local newspaper anyway! Unless someone did it on purpose to get back at us or something.)
I got in work and was sent to see an old biddy who claimed her cat had special powers (the fifth psychic cat this year!) but all it could do was stare constantly. When I got back to my car to drive home I found out I'd left my lights on and so the battery was dead so Nick ended up having to jump start it, which didn't please him and then I got home to find out that my toilet is blocked! Aggghhhh! My mum says bad things come in threes. I wish! Sorry for moaning but it seems the best thing for me to do now is to have a shower and get in bed with a good book. What harm can befall me there, eh? Until next time...

Callie signing off

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