Monday, 21 November 2011

Mundane Monday

Hi guys

What an anti-climax today is compared to my weekend. Firstly, It doesn't exactly put you in a good mood when your alarm goes off and it still feels like the middle of the night. I'm sure humans are made for hibernation this time of year. It's even worse when you realize that it's dark because it's throwing it down with rain. At least my car windscreen isn't frozen, which is the only plus point. I particularly don't want to go into work today because I found out Luke only wanted to go out with me because he recognised me from my stupid newspaper column and he wanted to tell me all about his weird collection of exotic pets. I told him all he had to have done was to call my boss and we would have come round and done a piece on it but he said he was too shy to do this. I had to listen while he went on and on about his snakes and his lizards and his tarantulas (yawn yawn!); not exactly the best subject if you're trying to impress a girl is it? I realized half way through our date that he wasn't interested in me romantically at all - that's why I ordered the biggest steak and chips going (well, I didn't need to impress him, did I?)
Anyway, I don't want to go into work today because Luke is coming in this afternoon to speak to my boss and to see if we can do an interview with him. I am going to suggest Nick goes as I don't want to be anywhere near anything that remotely resembles a spider. I am just glad that things didn't work out romantically between Luke and I. Can you imagine if he had asked me back to his place and got his pets out! That would have been it! It's better for it to end before it's even started.
It looks as though I'm going to be spending Christmas and New Year as a single girl for the fourth year running. Either I'm being too picky when it comes to men or I'm attracting the wrong sort. I think it's the latter, though how I can start to attract the right sort, God only knows. I'm going to make it one of my New Year's resolutions I think. I suppose I'd best get ready for work. I'm hoping that I can get another job and be out of the office before Luke and his slimey entourage arrive.
I'll catch up with you on Wednesday, but until then...

Callie signing off


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