Monday, 7 November 2011

Magic Monday

Hi guys

Have you ever woken up with that magical feeling that all is well with the world? That's what I felt this morning. It's been a great weekend. I went to the fireworks display with Nick and we actually had a great time together - not like a date or anything like that but he wasn't annoying for once. Before the display he suggested we go into the local wine bar and get a drink first, which we did and we talked about personal stuff for a change. It turns out he's a Capricorn, which explains his workaholic tendencies and he's 34 years old (old being the emphasis here) because he looks old and he acts old. He also wears old-fashioned clothes. One of these days I'm going to take him shopping and give him a makeover, although I'll have to do it when he's asleep because there's no way on earth he would agree to it otherwise. We also talked about his time in America. He used to live somewhere near the Nevada desert (not far from Lila, actually) in a caravan. He shared it with his ex, Pamela. I haven't got time to tell you all about her psychotic ways yet because I'm due in work soon, but let's just say I can understand why Nick doesn't want anything to do with another woman for as long as he lives (his words, not mine).
Anyway, the fireworks display was so good that my ears are hurting from the colourful bangers. I had an ice-cream while I watched it, too. I've never done this before because usually it's absolutely freezing but this year it was mild. Have you noticed it's like September now and September was like summer? I'm loving the weird weather we're having this year.
I'm going to have to go now. I have to be in work earlier than usual because I'm camping out in someone's garden. She's an elderly lady called Flo, who claims she sees fairies in her garden. I hope she's right - it would be so great to find out they really exist!

Until next time,

Callie signing off


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