Sunday, 24 June 2012

Singalong Sunday

Hi guys

How are you all doin'? I'm ok. Last week in work was horrible. My boss is giving me all sorts of horrible jobs to do, just because I'm "leaving him in the lurch" (his words, not mine), such as sorting out the filing cabinet and waiting on all the visitors he's had recently. He interviewed for my replacement last Friday and I have to train up this geeky lad, all next week. I am so not looking forward to that.

I went out with the girls last week and it was great fun. We went to this transvestite bar first, which is always a good laugh. The only problem is that most of them look better than us, lol. Anyway, we went to this rock bar and Erin actually admitted that she felt too young to be settling down with her teacher guy. I knew there had to be something wrong, otherwise she wouldn't have come out by herself. She's been glued to him ever since she started that job. I told her it was just wedding jitters and all that but she went all quiet and weird. Ella was on top form and even before we got into the club she practically had her tongue down some poor unsuspecting guy's throat. He looked like Meatloaf. She likes that type - can't think why.

I didn't meet anyone. Typical. Lila says it's because men don't like women who look like lesbians (again, her words, not mine). I wouldn't like to get insulted by Lila because words come spewing out of her mouth before she's engaged her brain and most of the time she isn't trying to be insulting at all. I have nothing against lesbians, by the way and I know that some of them look extremely feminine;  it's just that, as I am not one, I don't wan't men to get the wrong idea. Lila says she's just trying to help. When I asked her to elaborate she said that I should grow my hair and stop wearing clumpy doc martens. I told her where to go, after that. There is no way on Earth that I am giving up my docs; they're comfy and they could come in  useful in the offchance that I may have to kick a deranged attacker who might want to murder me on my way home.

I can't wait to start my new job. I might get to meet a nice guy, there. I'm going out tonight with Lila. She's dragging me to the karaoke bar, because we haven't been for a while. The only problem is that the England match is on. I will have to wait until that's finished before I can get up and scream my lungs off. I hate the footie. I can't wait until it's all over. Lila likes watching football in the pub. She says it's a great place to meet men. I suppose it is, if you want a fella who likes to do nothing more than sit in a pub, swigging beer, burping and farting while he watches something I consider to be boring drivel. I don't know why she wants to go anyway considering she has a sugar daddy on the go.

Oh well, I am going to go get a bath now and then I'm gonna go up to my Mum's, have a Sunday roast before hitting the town with Lila. If you do like the footie, then I hope you enjoy it and "Come on England!" - I suppose I gotta show willing and all that. Until next time,

Callie signing off


Saturday, 16 June 2012

Sizzling Saturday!

Hi guys

How are you? I am better than ever! I got the job! I got the job!Yipeeeee! Yee haaaaa! and all that....
I am so excited. I think I've spent the past week with a permanent smile etched on my face. I went to the interview last Monday and I was soooo nervous. I took my portfolio with me, which has all of my articles in it and I even dressed in a smart black trouser suit. It was a woman who interviewed me. She was lovely. Her name's Melissa and she's gonna be my new boss. She loved my work and said I would be joining a team of young, fresh talent and I should fit right in. She offered me the job on the spot and, obviously, I accepted! and then she showed me around the office where I will be working. I didn't get to meet everyone but there were about 4 or 5 people busy typing. They looked up and smiled at me and the atmosphere was just so laid back.

I felt so good handing my notice in. "Who's going to do Callie's World now?" was all that he said when I dumped it on his desk. "You'll have to change the name now." I'd replied and he'd just shrugged his shoulders and muttered "Congratulations." And that was that. I've got to give two weeks notice and then I'll be off to "The Rivendale Echo." I can't wait.

I'm going out with the girls tonight to celebrate. Erin is actually coming on a night out without her fella. Methinks the rose coloured spectacles have fallen off. I will find out later, of course.

It's a good job I've had something to smile about otherwise all this football on telly would have driven me mad! Why do they keep moving all of my favourite soaps around. It's not fair how my whole telly-watching routine has been ruined. Four whole weeks it goes on for, too - and then just when I think telly is going to get back to normal the Olympics starts! Oh well, hopefully I will be too busy with my new job to worry.

Anyway, I best go and get ready for my big girly night out. I hope you enjoy the week ahead and until net time...

Callie signing off


Sunday, 10 June 2012

Gross-out Sunday

Hi guys

Sorry it's taken me until now to post. My internet connection went down on Thursday night and I was going to get somebody to sort it (because I have no idea about techie stuff. I used to ask Nick - but after last weekend we're not on speaking terms) but Erin, trying to be nice, told me she'd get her fiance to help me. Fat lot of good he was. He's supposed to be an IT specialist, but he spent ages last night faffing about with all these wires and in the end he gave up! I suppose he tried to help, but if he is supposed to be a specialist and teaching our future generation, then there's no hope for us! So, today, I had to spend nearly £100 for someone to sort it out because it's out of hours. Oh well - rant over. It seems to be working now.

Anyway, about last weekend...

As you know, my neighbour, Rosie, organised a lovely get-together in our communal garden to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. She and her friends had done a great job decorating all the gates with bunting and setting out the tables, covering them in Union Jack flags. They had a stereo system connected up with some old songs playing and it was a great atmosphere. I'd invited Nick, but as soon as he arrived I could tell he didn't really want to be there, he had such a grumpy face. And then I remembered how I'd felt about him when he'd first come to work with me. I thought he was the most boring person ever. I'd only agreed to start going out with him again because I thought he'd get me a job in his place and he'd let his hair grow and he didn't look that old anymore - he actually looked quite cute. Anyway, for some strange reason, he turned up last Monday with his head shaved. I could see flecks of grey in it and he looked old again. I didn't want to say anything to him, at first, but the more drinks I had (followed by Rosie's notorious sherry trifle) I got a little bit tipsy and told him what I thought of him. I think it was something like, "God, you are so boring! Stop being such a miserable git and join in, will ya!"  I think his reply went something like this, "All you ever do is moan! I don't have to have a permanent smile etched on my face, you know, like some weird clown." And I'd said something like, "I don't think I've ever seen you smile. And what's with the hair! You look like a convict." I think that was when he slammed his drink down and shouted, "Don't call me!"
It was a little bit embarassing, I must admit. We haven't spoken since. I think I should apologize, but I doubt he will answer my calls. He is just so boring, though. Being with him at the party was like pulling teeth (Not an analogy I can use with Liam, though, considering he probably quite enjoys pulling teeth.)

So...after Nick had stormed off, Liam came over and sensing my distress (at being dumped in public) he came over and asked if I wanted to go to his apartment. At the time, I thought it was a great idea, because I felt I'd spoiled the party, a little. I told him that I didn't sleep with people on the first date and he said that it wasn't a date - but anyway, it was a huge mistake going into his apartment. I got to find out what a weirdo he is ( I could write an article about him).

Firstly, I noticed a smell of bleach, like a hospital smell, as soon as I walked through the door and the walls were so white it was almost clinical. All of the furniture looked like it had come straight out of an IKea catalogue and there was no dust or marks anywhere. My black TV and shelving unit has permanent dust on it that never comes off no matter how hard I clean, yet his black techno things were shining and mark-free.
He got us some wine and put coasters underneath, which every other man I'd dated didn't bother to do.
We had a good chat while we watched some coverage of the Jubilee on TV. After a while, I needed to go to the toilet. That was when things went downhill. On the wall next to the toilet was a poster entitled, "Choose your pooh" - not the most romantic thing to look at, I thought. It was gross. There were different shaped ones called different names such as grapes, corn on the cob and mashed potato. Apparently, if yours is like gravy, you have a problem. I gagged and was almost sick and then, when I went to wash my hands, I was greeted by another poster, stuck above the sink, describing the ins and outs of plaque, complete with a picture of someone's grubby teeth with bacteria on them. That's when I did have to be sick. It was just too much.

When I got back to the living room I asked him where I could get a drink of water and so I followed him into the kitchen and that, too, was clinical. His stainless steel things were actually stainless. I'd always thought stainless steel was a lie - mine are all covered in fingerprints and other gunk that just won't come off no matter what I do, yet his were all gleaming. I know he's a dentist and everything but this was all just too weird for me. After I'd drank the water, I made my excuses and left. It still gives me shivers to think that he lives in the apartment right above mine. Why can't I meet any normal guys? Maybe it's me who's too fussy. I should lower my standards - I'm not getting any younger! I could get an older guy, like Lila has. I've been calling her Sugar Baby - there was a thing on TV the other day about women who date older men - they call them Sugar Babies. Sounds quite nice, really. Doesn't make it sound pervy at all.

I'm going to Mum's later for Sunday dinner - although it's usually Sunday tea, by the time she's got it ready. I might stay overnight, because I have the day off tomorrow. I'm going to another interview. It's doing a similar job, but for a bigger paper. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, I'll go now but until next time...

Callie signing off xxx

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Jubilee weekend, Yay!

Hi guys

How is everyone today? I'm actually quite good, considering. I'm still moping around after finding out that I didn't get that journalist job. They told me that I didn't have enough experience in the music industry. I hate that! How do I get the experience? It is all well and good doing voluntary work but I need to pay my bills! It looks as though I am stuck chasing weirdos for the rest of my life. Oh well, I do believe that everything happens for a reason, though, and it obviously wasn't meant to be.

Did you watch Eurovision? I loved the song that won, but I was a little disappointed that the Russian grannies didn't win. As expected, the UK didn't do well - not surprising really. Euro fans like the acts to be crazy and colourful and a little bit naff, not slow and boring and drab. When will the UK organisers learn this?

Anyway, my barbecue went quite well. I have a confession. Nick couldn't come to my party and so I got talking to my neighbour, Liam. I hadn't really paid that much attention to him but when I got up close I realised he was actually quite cute. He's got these lovely auburn eyes - I know that doesn't sound nice, but they are like an amber/orangey colour to match his hair, which is a little messed up and he looks like he doesn't know how cute he is. Anyway, we got talking and he said that he had been trying to find an excuse to talk to me for ages and he was so glad I'd invited him to the barbecue. I invited him inside my apartment to watch the Eurovision and he admitted, when he was leaving, that he hated it but only stayed because he wanted to spend some more time with me. He's lovely. He works as a dentist, though, which is the only bad thing about him. I have always suspected that dentists have a bit of a psycho streak about them - who else would love yanking teeth out of people's mouths and drilling into their gums? He was quite nice for a psycho though. Anyway, as he was going he pulled me towards him and gave me a kiss!!! I felt so guilty, though because I am going out with Nick, aren't I? Now I don't know what to do.

I have seen Nick once since and I could hardly look him in the eyes. The only thing that has stopped me blurting it out to him is that it wasn't me who kissed Liam. Liam kissed me so it wasn't my fault, was it?

I haven't seen Liam since, but one of my other neighbours, Rosie - a seventy year old woman, is organizing a jubilee party for our apartment block and I have agreed to attend. I don't know whether Liam will be going but I have already asked Nick and he is coming with me. Things could get kinda awkward.

Anyway, I hope that everyone in the UK who reads this has a great jubilee weekend and until next time...

Callie signing off xxx