Wednesday, 16 November 2011

wound-up Wednesday

Hi guys

I'm still wound up after the past few days. It's weird how before Nick came to work alongside me I was quite happy to be the only one doing my job; but now that Nick has been off I realize that I miss having someone to discuss things with and to share my workload with.
I went to that mind-reader's house the other day and I must admit, she was really strange but she wasn't a proper mind reader. She had a set of those cards scientists use to test if people are psychic; you know the ones: the star, the square, the wavy lines and the cross and so on. Well, she was really accurate with this and she only got two out of fifty wrong and unless she's found a way to cheat I'd say this was proof that she does have some sort of second sight. She gave me the creeps too; she had these dark brown eyes that seemed to look into your soul and I found myself trying to clear my mind but all I could think about was how weird she was. I don't know if she could "mind-read" this or not but she was the silent type and only answered yes or no to most of my questions. She was only thirteen though and so I expect she was a little shy. It was her mum who'd arranged for me to come round and experiment on her so I don't think she was the least bit impressed. I couldn't wait to get out of there - she reminded me of that girl who had the lead part in "The Ring" and I couldn't relax all night because I half expected her to come bursting out of the telly any minute. I ended up calling round Erin's but she was out (either that or she was avoiding me still).
I'm going out with Lila tonight. It's her colleague's birthday and we're going out for an Indian. I love Korma. Apart from that there's nothing much else going on this week. I hope Nick is back tomorrow. I'm starting to miss him. I will let you know if anything happens tonight, but I doubt much can happen in a curry house.
Until next time,

Callie signing off


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