Friday, 25 November 2011

Frazzled Friday

Hi guys,

I'm feeling seriously frazzled after my week but I'm looking forward to tonight because it's Mum's birthday and we are all going out for a meal (Mum, dad, Lila, auntie Sharon, Uncle Tom and my cousin Antoinette) at our local Wetherspoons. I'm going to order my favourite - Hunter's Chicken, which is a piece of chicken covered in cheese, bacon and barbecue sauce - yum yum yum, My mouth is watering just thinking about it. After that the oldies are going home for a little house party while Lila, Antoinette and I are hitting the town. We'll join the party when we get back home.
I'm really hoping that I might meet a nice guy tonight, before Christmas, so I have someone to spend Christmas and New year with. I hate New Year's Eve when I'm single because its so depressing realizing there's a whole year ahead with no chance of romance. I'm starting to worry that there is something wrong with me. Why do I attract such weirdos? I know I shouldn't get my hopes up though. Lila keeps saying that I'm too young to worry about it but if I don't find someone quick my dream of having a nice house and three kids before I'm 40 is never going to happen. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Mum thinks I'm being too picky. When I told her about the feeder guy she said that I was always looking for faults because deep down she thinks I'm scared of commitment. How wrong could she be? And if she expected me to shack up with a total weirdo and risk my health in the process, she obviously needs her head testing.  That's why she works as a cleaner and not a psychotherapist. Anyway, I'm going to run a nice bath with my new perfumed bubble bath and enjoy a long soak with a glass of wine. My dad's picking me up at 7.30 and I'm staying the night at their house so I can totally chill. I'm worried I might bump into Nick later because he's out with his brother. I don't want him to see Lila - either he will fall madly in lust with her or he will think she is a tart and will tar me with the same brush. I'd best get going now. I will tell you all about tonight on Monday, but until then...

Callie signing off


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