Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween

Hi guys

Hope you're having a spooky Halloween. I'm going out with Nick again later. We are going back to the old folks home and we're going to be staying in one of the rooms overnight. I am going to have the bed and Nick is going to sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag (what a gent).
We are taking our cameras and Nick is setting up video equipment and we hope we are going to see something this time. It will be one of the scariest Halloween's ever.
I went out with the girls on Saturday and it was one of the best nights out ever. We danced so much I had huge blisters on my feet yesterday morning. Erin and I got talking to a couple of guys and we're going to see them again this weekend. I will tell you more about it on Wednesday because I've got to go now. Nick is beeping his horn to take me to the spooky house.
Enjoy whatever you are doing tonight and I will catch up on Wednesday.

Until then,

Callie signing off


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