Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Worn-out Wednesday

Hi guys

I'm not in work today. I'm having a duvet day. After the hectic weekend and lots of late nights I've been having, I feel totally exhausted. My boss owes me some time off anyway after the extra unsocial hours he's given me. It's his fault I'm so tired in the first place! Nick is still in though, making me look bad, as usual. I don't even know if he does it on purpose but it's so annoying. Just when I was starting to think he wasn't all that bad he goes in work, with all guns blazing, saying he's never felt better! I was starting to feel sorry for him when he got drunk and started to tell me all about his ex. She did so many terrible things to him (including trying to kill him; but there again, I've wanted to do that so many times...) that I'm surprised he hasn't been put off women for life. He told me he was scared of having another relationship but he isn't ruling it out. He said he would have to know the woman as a friend first. As I have not been that friendly to him hopefully that rules me out.
Anyway, I'm gonna keep this short today because I'm so tired it's a chore to try and keep my eyes open. I think I'm coming down with some sort of flu bug. I've been trying to fight one off for a couple of weeks now and I think it has finally taken  hold.
Back to my warm, cozy duvet for me and I'll hopefully catch up with you all again on Friday (although I won't have much to talk about if I've been in bed for a few days.)

Until then

Callie signing off


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