Friday, 4 November 2011

Fab Friday

Hi guys

I now have a moment, at last, to tell you about our girls' night out last weekend. It's been a while since we all got together so we spent the first part of the night just chatting and catching up. Ella has been decorating her new house and so all her free time has been taken up with that. We met at Ella's and sat ourselves down. She had dust sheets everywhere, though, so it wasn't the most comfortable start to the evening. She's not long moved in. It's a nice little terraced house but it needs a lot of work and that's why she got it so cheap. She got her old job back (social worker) and so she's well paid and can afford it. Erin on the other hand is still at her mum's house and she is hating every minute of it. She's even considering getting back with her fat, bald ex just to save her sanity. We all told her that she will be ok and it's just a temporary setback. I can just about afford the rent on my little apartment and although I would be a lot better off financially if I suggested she move in too, I would probably have a nervous breakdown. She would have to sleep on the bed-settee in the living room for a start and there isn't that much extra space for all her stuff (which she has a lot of - she's more shoes than Tamara Eccleston!). It is Erin's mum I actually feel sorry for, not Erin.
Anyway, as the night went on we ended up at this rock club called "Jinny's". It's a cool place but it's not the sort of place Ella feels comfortable in. She's very high maintenance and dresses like she's going to work even when she's supposed to be relaxing. She stood out in her fitted jacket, palazzo pants and high heels. Erin, Lila and I wore our tight jeans and clingy tops complete with spiky-heeled ankle boots. Anyway, the place smells of sweat, ciggies and beer and it's full of men with long hair and tatoos. For some strange reason, a man who looked like a hell's angel crossed with a wrestler, came over to Ella and started to chat her up. And stranger still...Ella actually liked him! He's called Darren and he's a HGV driver. Ella is absolutely smitten and it is the most unlikely pairing since the beginning of time!  They ended up kissing and dancing together to Motorhead (even though Ella can't stand rock music - she doesn't like any music really) and going to the kebab house afterwards. Ella can't stand junk food! I am just worried that he is going to totally change her. She isn't that perfect now so it may be a change for the better. It's something to watch out for anyway and it'll keep her off my back for a bit. Erin and I got talking to a couple of goths, who were quite cute in a pale and interesting kind of way. We are seeing them next Saturday so I will tell you more about them then.  Anyway, I'm looking forward to bonfire night tomorrow. The local firework display is supposed to be a good one this year. I am going with Nick. We're going to combine business and pleasure (although I'm sure the pleasure will be all his, lol!)
Until next time,

Callie signing off


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