Friday, 2 December 2011

Funtime Friday

Hi guys

I hope you have all had a great week and that you are looking forward to a nice weekend. I went to Chester the other day to see that woman and boy was she weird. Her house was like an attic sale; junk everywhere and I had to move two cats, a pile of old phone directories and a cup with bacteria growing in it before I could even sit down.
She claimed she was psychic and she had dreams about people. She told me she'd dreamt that there was going to be a huge earthquake in the North of England and that although she didn't know exactly when and where it would strike, that it would catch loads of people off guard because the town isn't on a fault line. She said she didn't think anyone would die but there will be destruction to a lot of buildings and some people may lose their homes or jobs.
I'm not worried. She was obviously not the full shilling. It was funny watching Nick cringe as one of her mangy cats jumped on his knee and started to rub itself against him. He's probably a right old fleabag now. I went round to Scott's later on for tea. He has a nice house. A small terrace, which he's done up like a typical bachelor pad - all black leather and flat screen televisions. He'd cooked me lasagne with tiramasu for afterwards and it was absolutely gorgeous. He's a man of many talents, obviously. His day job is in an office doing some sort of IT technical support and he also does volunteer work in the animal shelter at weekends. I bet you are thinking that he sounds too good to be true and I'm starting to think the same. It's like I've had a load of weirdos and losers and now good things are coming to me because I've waited long enough! I'm just crossing my fingers that I don't find out that he's got a secret wife or that he used to be a woman or something. I'm sure Nick would have told me if that were the case; but he's not the most reliable man so I wouldn't put it past him to leave me to find out the hard way.
He's still been off with me. Usually, when we'd been to a weirdo for an assignment we'd laugh about it in the car on the way back to the office, but when we came away from the psychic old woman from Chester, he was quiet. The only thing he said was that he was going to have to go to the bathroom once we got back to work so he could wash away the germs and fleas.
Anyway, I'm waffling again. I'm going out with Scott again tonight. We're going to a restaurant on the outskirts of Liverpool that Scott claims serves the best lobster. I've never eaten lobster and so I wouldn't know either way but I'm looking forward to seeing him again. I can dress up to so I'll wear my new indigo blue satin dress I got in the sale the other day. It's knee length so hides my wobbly things while showing off my slim calves. I will let you know how my date goes when I do my Monday update, but until then..

Callie signing off


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