Saturday, 10 December 2011

Sorry Saturday

Hi guys

Firstly, I just wanted to apologize for not posting on Friday, as expected. I did try to post several times but unfortunately blogger didn't want to know and kept sending me errors. I then tried twitter to try and let peeps know that there would be no update due to internet problems but twitter didn't work either! So sorry to anyone who was looking forward to reading about my exciting life! I will have to tell you all today what I was going to write yesterday - let's pretend today is Friday!
I went to see reincarnated Elvis, let's call him Elv. His house was actually quite nice. He'd decorated it with tinsel and glittery window lights and all the surrounding houses looked equally festive. Nick knocked on the door and was greeted by a man with a podgy face with acne; he looked about twenty-six and he had a big nose and squinty eyes. I know you think I'm probably being bitchy and you shouldn't judge a book by its cover and everything but I'm a journalist - I have to tell it like it is, don't I? It turns out that this ugly guy was Elv!
Nick asked him why he thought he was Elvis and he said that ever since he first heard Blue suede shoes one morning on the radio he's been able to sing along to every song even though he hasn't heard them before. (Which I find hard to believe) and that he knows all the words even if it is the first time he's heard it.
Nick's nods and surprised expression only made the situation worse because Elv went upstairs to get his karaoke machine and proceeded to sing along (out of tune) to suspicious minds. I had a very suspicious mind, by this time. Two hours we were in that house. My ears were ringing when we got outside.
I asked him if he thought there was anything else that made him think he was Elv and I almost choked on my mince pie (which he'd kindly given to me) when he said some people had commented on his likeness to the king. I don't know what part of him looked like Elvis but it certainly wasn't anything I could see. Nick took some photos anyway and when the article was printed he did that annoying thing some magazines do where they put two photos next to each other and put the other person's name under each; so he'd written Elv (he'd written the guy's real name but I can't write it her because of data protection) under a photo of Elvis and Elvis under Elv's photo! We had some complaints from old biddies who said it was terrible that Elv thought he was Elvis. There were even some death threats! I mean, steady on girls, it's almost Christmas - where's your Christmas spirit?
I'm going to end this post now because Scott is taking me to a nearby pizza restaurant for tea and then we're going to the Cinema again but we don't know what we're watching until we get there. It's going to be a chill out Saturday, which I need after the week I've had. Anyway, take care you guys and until next time...

Callie signing off


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