Friday, 30 December 2011

Frolicking Friday

Hi guys

I know I haven't been updating my blog much lately. It is for a variety of reasons; mainly because it was Christmas and to be honest with you, I didn't think too many of you would be interested in reading about my life when you were probably going to parties and spending time with your own families, having a much better time than me, probably. I have decided that from now on I will be updating my blog on Fridays only. This is so I can reflect on the week that has passed and write a lot more. It will also leave me more free time in the week for pursuing my New Year resolutions, which include: exercising more( I have only been the gym twice since joining.), eating healthier and avoiding cakes, biscuits and sweets, attending a night class (don't know what yet, though) and going out with friends once a week for a girly chat. I have lost touch with the girls recently and I want to make sure we have a regular catch-up.

I also have to tell you about something else that has happened recently, which I'm not proud of.
I went to my work party last Friday and Nick picked me up, as promised. The venue was the local rugby stadium and so we spent a lot of the night outside on the pitch. I was a little cold and so Nick kindly lent me his jacket. I felt bad because he was shivering for most of the night, but it is the gentlemanly thing to do, right? I think that all this women's lib and equal rights for women has spoilt romance and so I was a little surprised that Nick actually offered to lend me his jacket in the first place. We sat on the stalls and we started talking. He was drinking a bottle of lager and I had a plastic glass of wine. I must have had about five glasses by this time and I was starting to look at Nick differently. I noticed that he was quite handsome and I didn't know whether it was beer goggles or whether he was actually quite fanciable. He kept talking about his ex and how she had almost put him off women but that it was good to be working with me because he was starting to realize that not all women were raging psychos.(He obviously doesn't know me that well, lol!)

We talked about Scott and he told me that Scott was a ladies man and always has been. He said that he was worried when we first started going out because he didn't want me to get hurt. Then he moved closer to me and said that he was actually a little bit jealous when I started dating Scott. I asked him why and he said that he was starting to have feelings for me and that he cared about me. Then he kissed me. I didn't stop him either - mainly because it felt good, but then once we'd stopped I was confused. Scott and I still haven't officially broken up, even though he doesn't return my calls or texts and I've always avoided workplace romances because you sometimes have to leave jobs if they go wrong. Things went downhill from there because I instantly regretted it. I do like Nick and I have to admit that there was some sort of chemistry between us, but I can't date a work-colleague, especially not when he is the brother of my on-off boyfriend. Aggghh! Why is my love-life so complicated?

Anyway, I haven't seen Nick or Scott since. I've been hiding at home, though. I did go out with Lila on Boxing night to the local karaoke, but other than that I've been having a quiet Christmas. I hope you all got what you wished for. I got Zumba 2, which I love and some jewellery and make-up. I also got a bunch of flowers this morning from Nick, with a card saying that he was sorry. I feel even worse now. I'm dreading seeing him on Tuesday. It will be so awkward. Anyway, I'm off to the gym now to work off some of the mince pies I've been shovelling down me. I wish you all a Happy New Year and I will update this blog next Friday.

Best Wishes.

Callie signing off xxx

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