Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Weird Wednesday

 Agggh! Lila's been such hard work lately.  I went back to my apartment on Monday night but now she keeps coming round pestering me.  She comes round asking to borrow something and then ends up staying until the early hours. She doesn't have to get up for work early so she thinks nothing of turning my music up loud and helping herself to my wine stash. When I try and bring up the subject of work she says that it's hard out there at the mo and there are no jobs.  I know it's hard; a friend of mine, Ella has just lost her job at the council.  She'd been there 7 years.  She got offered the job straight out of school and now she doesn't know what else to do. I've tried to get Ella and Lila together so they can hang out together and stop pestering me. Ella keeps asking me to come round because she's bored. She knows I'm pretty much out on the road a lot of the time but the last time I popped in for a coffee it turned into two hours and my boss was started to get suspicious.
I think I might ask my boss if I can do an article on job hunting but he will probably say it's too boring or something.
I can't wait for my date with David tonight.  I've put on a little bit of weight since Lila came back (I know she's only been back for a few days but I've had three times as much alcohol than usual and I've eaten three kebabs) and so I can't wear the skin tight dress I was originally going to wear.  I think I'm going to wear my long gypsy skirt and my strappy sequined top.  At least the skirt will cover the water retention going on in my thighs and butt. I don't even know why I agreed to go out with him really because he's so good looking he could have anyone, so why does he want a frump like me?  I mean, he could have had Lila (there again her singing probably put him off - she looks beautiful until she opens her mouth and all that) who's a size 8! and who inherited the olive skin and dark looks from my dad's side of the family. But he wanted me.  It always makes me nervous when men choose me over my sister. I'm sure it will be ok as long as I remain calm and let him do all the talking.  I've heard men can't stand women who talk on and on about themselves. I can't talk about my job either because I've heard men don't like women talking about weird people or weird stuff either. So what can us women talk about?
Anyway I've decided to take some time off next week and I've agreed to spend a few days in Edinburgh with Ella for her birthday.  I can't wait.  I've always wanted to visit the castle. Anyway I'm going to go and get ready for my date and I'll tell you all about it on Friday.

Callie signing off


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