Monday, 17 October 2011

Manic Monday

I have been so busy today guys that's why it's taken me so long to finally get this blog post done.
I have been to Edinburgh castle with Ella today. It was great. So spooky too. I took a photo with my mobile phone and I swear it's a ghost. If you look near the candle you can see a skeleton face - seriously creepy. Get's me in the mood for Halloween. Ella has been so annoying though. She keeps going on and on about how she's single and she's getting old (she's only 23) and how boys don't like her; well, about how most people and cats don't like her (they always arch their backs and spit at her - weird I know). I kept trying to tell her that if she didn't go on so much about how unlovable she was then maybe somebody would actually start to like her. At one point I thought about throwing myself off one of the castle walls but luckily the feeling passed.
We went into Princess street too and I got myself a gorgeous new coat from one of the boutiques. I can't wait to wear it on Halloween; it's long, black and military - very "Twilight".
Tomorrow we're going to visit the coffee shop where J K Rowling wrote Harry Potter. I'm hoping I might get some inspiration. Oh, yeah and I almost forgot - my mum phoned and told me that Lila actually has a job interview on Thursday. I don't know how she managed it with so many other people (who actually want to work) out of work. Seems she thinks she can be a dispenser at the local opticians. Well, we'll have to wait and see (pardon the pun). I'm going to sign off now. Check out the photo - cool eh?

Anyway have a nice evening,

Callie signing off


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