Monday, 24 October 2011

Moody Monday

I am totally fed up. It seems that while I was away in Edinburgh last week, my boss decided to hire a temp to do my column. It turns out that he was some sort of God of journalism and now my boss wants him to work with me. When I argued about it, my boss said that if I continued to question his judgement then Nick (the temp) will be permanently replacing me! How dare he say that! There are laws against this sort of thing. So now I have to sit next to Lord Nick and put up with his "suggestions". Just because he used to work for some sort of UFO rag mag in America he thinks he can lord it over me and tell me what to do! I hate work now. Callie's world was mine and now I have to share it. At least my boss is not making me change the column name and Nick is so laid back he doesn't care what it's called as long as he gets to check out weird stuff. He is so annoying. He keeps sniffing all the time and when I pass him the tissues he just shakes his head and gives me strange looks. I wouldn't mind if he was good looking. Our office could do with some eye-candy; but no, I'm obviously not allowed eye-candy in case it distracts me or something. I suppose my mum would like him. He reminds me of the old actors she used to like: Robert Redford, Clint Eastwood and Kurt Russell. You know, they're not traditionally good-looking but they are rugged and some women like that. Well, I don't. To me he just looks old and he could do with a shave.
I went round to my mum's after work to tell her all about it but now she just wants to come to my office to see if he is as rugged as I said he was. Lila is still enjoying her job, which I find totally weird. She doesn't enjoy any jobs. It's like my life is part of some sort of X-files movie at the moment. To quote the lyrics of Keane; "Everybody's changing and I don't feel the same..." I don't bloody well feel the same. I feel annoyed, angry and totally fed up! Sorry for moaning guys, but doesn't it just make you angry when things change at work and you're supposed to shut up and put up with it? If it wasn't such a harsh world out there at the moment I would dramatically sweep into his office (my boss) and tell him I don't need his job because I will get snapped up at some bigger newspaper. Well, a girl can dream.
The one thing I am looking forward to is hooking up with Lee later on Skype. I love Skype. I use it to talk to my friend, Nikki, from school who moved out to Australia for a gap year and who's been there ever since (I keep hoping she'll come back like Lila did, but no such luck.) but it is going to be even better staring at the utter gorgeousness that is Lee, this evening. It was funny the other day because Mum accidently switched on Skype on her laptop and she started shouting to Dad; "Ken, there's something horrible and weird on my laptop screen. Come here and get it off, please!" and then Dad came over and saw it was her and he said, "That's you, you stupid Mare!" and she was freaking out saying; "That's not me - it's horrible!" and then he laughed and said; "Well, you said it love." How funny! I can't believe she didn't recognise herself. I think there are some people who shouldn't be allowed to use technology. Anyway I am going to finish this blog post, go and have a glass of wine and start counting down the minutes until I can chat with Lee.
Until then,

Callie signing off xxx

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