Friday, 21 October 2011

Friendless Friday

Yay! I am all alone in my bedroom in my own apartment. I am enjoying the sound of silence as I type. I was so glad to say goodbye to Ella this evening. I swear I'd lost hearing in my right ear (the side she liked to gab into for some reason) and it is only just starting to get back to normal (although I'm not totally sure because I'm enjoying the peace and quiet.)
We did have a good time at Edinburgh Zoo though. I love animals. Ella doesn't agree that they should be kept in captivity and although I think in theory, that it sounds cruel, when you see the zoo and how well the animals are cared for and how much room they have to run around I think it is a good thing. Some of the animals would be extinct if the zoo hadn't brought in breeding programs and so I am all for it. We had a row about it though. She is so opinionated. She spent most of the afternoon in the cafe while I had a peaceful walk around all by myself. My favourites are the monkeys - they are so funny! I think they love showing off in front of people and trying to make them laugh. When I'd finished looking at everything I wanted to see I met Ella and we had a cup of hot chocolate, which was gorgeous and then we went back to the hotel and got ready for our last night out. I was adamant that I wouldn't flirt with anyone because I don't do long distance romances and Edinburgh is miles away - it's a different country for a start. Well, what do they say about good intentions? I've only met the most perfect specimin of manhood that ever lived! He is so totally and utterly gorg (swoon swoon). I love his accent and his dark, piercing eyes and his spiky black hair and....ooohhh I just can't go on - I miss him so much. His name's Lee and he's an airline pilot (well he said he was but I suspect he was trying to impress me) and he is just perfect. I know I keep saying it but he is. While I was gazing into his eyes and swooning Ella spent time chatting to his mate, Mark. He was ok I guess but Ella obviously wasn't that impressed as I heard her moaning at him about animal cruelty in zoos and I saw his eyes slowly glazing over.  Anyway, I am so lovesick now! We've agreed to meet up again next month because he said he will be flying to Manchester airport and he will have a stay over. Whether that is true or not I don't know but I am going to be counting down the days until I see him again. This doesn't usually happen to me - but I guess you can't fight fate. Anyway I've had a long week and I'm back in work on Monday so I'm going to slip into a nice, hot bath with a glass of wine and then get off to bed.
I hope you all enjoy your weekend. I'll catch up with you on Monday.

Until then,

Callie signing off


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