Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

Hi Guys

As I write this I am totally exhausted after spending all day traipsing around Edinburgh with someone who is about to become an ex-friend. "Can't we just go in here?"..."It'll only take a minute..." "Cheer up it might never happen..." are just some of Ella's favourite phrases and I have heard them all too many times in the past couple of days. Agghhh! We didn't speak for two hours today (which I was grateful for but she, not being one to keep quiet for long, was the first to apologize)
When I think about it, though, it was probably my fault. Here's how it happened.
After hearing, "Cheer up it might never happen" for the umpteenth time I yelled, "But it has happened! I'm stuck here all week with you and it's driving me crazy! I don't know why I agreed to spend a week with someone who totally does my head in!". I know it was uncalled for but the weather has suddenly turned freezing cold and because it was so sunny last weekend I was totally unprepared; I hate the cold. I don't like feeling like the mitchelin man (For those of you unfamiliar with this character I'm sure you'll find him on YouTube - he's a big fluffy, white thing used to advertise tyres) in layers of t-shirts, jumpers and padded coats. I need to feel free. Especially when I'm driving. I hate wearing coats to drive; the seat belt seems so much tighter than usual and it increases my road-rage levels.
You have probably guessed by now that I am quite irritable and I'm sure you would be too if you had to spend even five minutes with Ella. My other friend, Erin can also be annoying. I think I will stay away from people whose names begin with E for a while (no offence if yours does, lol).
Talking about the text term, lol. I only found out yesterday that Ella didn't know what it meant. She used to date a guy a while back called Lawrence and he shortened his name to Lol. Anyway, she got a text from her sister yesterday and she asked me why people kept going on about Lawrence. I didn't know what she meant until she explained it. I had to tell her that it was pronounced L.O.L as in laugh out loud, not Lol as in the name. How annoying is that, eh? Now you can see what I have to put up with. I've only got two more days with her, thank goodness. Tomorrow we are going to Edinburgh Zoo (my choice for once) and so I'm hoping I won't be as stressed. Tonight we are going to have a quiet night in at the hotel and I'm hoping to have an early night as my feet are killing me from all the walking and my ears from all her talking.
My mum called today too; Lila got the job! I don't know how she did it but maybe the people in the opticians couldn't see what we see (get it?)
I hope you guys are all ok and I will update you more on Friday.
Until then,

Callie signing off xxx

Michelin Man, lol :-)

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