Monday, 10 October 2011

Callie's World - Gloomy Monday

Hi guys,

I know it's Autumn and everything but why does the weather have to be so gloomy? The sky is dark and grey.  I hate eating my breakfast with the light on; it just doesn't seem right.  I think I have that disease called SAD.  As soon as the dark mornings and nights start drawing in my mood shifts so that I get grumpier and grumpier.
Anyway, it doesn't help that I had to go into work this morning after having only three hours sleep last night. It was my own fault, though. Lila wanted us to go out to the local karaoke club we used to go to when she lived at home.  I've not been going out on Sunday nights for some time now and so I'm seriously hung over.  It didn't help that the pub stayed open well into the early hours and Lila can be quite persuasive when it comes to drinks.  I only meant to have two but that soon turned into five and after that I can't quite remember.  I felt like killing her this morning when I saw her tucked in her bed, a huge smile on her face while I struggled to get dressed without waking her. We used to share a bedroom and it was weird doing it again last night.  Mum still kept the beds just the way they were. ("You never know when someone might decide to stay the night," she'd say.) Lila is back at home now so Mum better get used to people suddenly deciding to stay the night, particularly if they are red-blooded males (Lila's favourite type). I don't know what happened with her and her hubby.  She told us it was still too raw to discuss and she will tell us all in good time.  Meanwhile she tried to convince us she's changed and she is going to start being more serious.  If last night was anything to go by then I don't think she's trying hard enough.  She's gotten even louder since living in Las Vegas; it must be the party atmosphere over there or something.  She's also got a slight American accent, which when mixed with scouse, isn't like music to the ears and nor was her singing.  She belted out Tina Turner, Kelly Clarkson and Leona Lewis and I swear there were less people in the pub after she'd finished than before she started.  I'm not saying I'm a great singer or anything but she doesn't realise how bad she is and when I try to tell her she just says that she's still going on X-factor and there's nothing I can do to stop her. Well, if she wants to look bad on telly then let her.  I won't be one of those "supportive" family members cringing in the background, that's for sure.  So there you have it, Lila's serious job search is now going to be applying for x-factor. We all know she's not got a cat in hell's chance (mainly because she sounds like a cat in hell) but you have to admire her determination.
There was one good thing that happened last night, though and I wasn't going to tell you all about it because it's a bit like tempting fate, but...I met a guy.  He's called David and he's quite cute.  He doesn't live locally but he doesn't live too far away either.  He's a horse trainer and you can tell; he's got the perfect sportsman's physique and he's just so nice.  I know, I know, I'm gushing.  I'm not getting my hopes up but I'm supposed to be meeting him on Wednesday night.  We're going bowling.  Little does he know I used to play in a league! I know it's not the usual first date sort of thing but we both wanted to do something where we wouldn't have to focus on how nervous we were.  I'll tell you more about it on Wednesday. Meanwhile I'm going to go out and see a woman who claims she can see colours just by touching things.  Sounds interesting but I hope she's got lots of coffee because I'm starting to flag.

Bye for now

Callie signing off


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