Saturday, 29 September 2012

Birthday blues

Hi guys,

I feel so naughty because I've just got out of bed! I have an excuse, though; it was my birthday yesterday! I got so drunk last night. It all started perfectly innocent, I went out with my folks to a pub/restaurant for an afternoon meal. I had steak and chips and a pint of shandy. My mum had baked a birthday cake and she'd taken it to the restaurant earlier and so it was a nice surprise when the waitress brought it to our table. I blew out my twenty-four candles and made a wish (not telling you what it was, though, or else it won't come true, will it?)

Afterwards, I went back to my apartment with Lila and we waited for Ella and Erin to arrive. We then hit the town. I think I only bought one drink, the rest were bought for me by either one of the girls, or some of the many men who I seem to vaguely remember! Bad, aren't I? You can't blame me, though, you only get a birthday once a year! (unless you're the Queen, of course).

I got some great presents. Mum and Dad got me a new laptop so I can do some of my journalistic reports on it. It even has a camera so I can do some video blogs. Great! Lila got me a lovely make-up and bath set and I look forward to using it tonight, while I attempt to get rid of my hangover.

It is supposed to be a full moon tonight and, apparently, because I'm an early born Libran, it is supposed to be best for me if I stay in tonight and hide away. I don't usually believe in all that stuff but I'm in no fit state to be seen outside of my house tonight, anyway.

I got a surprise birthday card from Nick. It gave me a little tingle inside, strangely enough. He said that he felt bad about how we ended things and he wants to meet up again for a birthday drink. I sent him a text to thank him and we are going out on Wednesday. I'm so nervous. I'll tell you more about it next week, but until then...

Callie signing off xxx

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