Saturday, 15 September 2012

Temporary insanity

Hi all,

Sorry I didn't post last week. I was too exhausted. I've been sent here, there and everywhere with my new temp agency. It's good that I'm earning money again, but it's left me way too tired to apply for jobs and my social life is dwindling, too.

I got a couple of days off last week, at least and so I sent some applications off for a couple of journalist jobs.

I'm dreading Monday, because I'm getting sent back to a place I've been working at for the last couple of weeks and there is an annoying woman who works there. I've had to bite my tongue several times; it seems that there is a consensus amongst certain types of people, that all temps are stupid.
I actually heard  two girls talking, while I was waiting at the vending machine, and one of them said these actual words..."It wasn't my fault, the temp did it!" and the other girl said, "Useless cow, I dunno where they get them from." I had to stop myself from thumping them. I didn't know whether they were on about me or not, but they were still insulting! That's the attitude of people, though.

Another girl in the office (where I am forced to work), gave me a pitying look, the other day, and said, "Ah, can't you get a proper job. It must be hard these days." I wouldn't mind, but she's younger than me and she was talking to me like she was my great aunt Ada!

Anyway, this stupid woman is the chief executive's PA and you'd think she was the Queen of England the way she acted. She came over to my desk, last week and said, "Mr Byron is in a meeting all morning, which means he isn't to be disturbed, understood?" I nodded and gritted my teeth at the same time. I was engrossed in my typing, when Mr Byron came over to me. "I'm expecting an important call from Sherwood's Tiling. Please make sure I get the call, " he'd said. He was much more polite than his PA (I think it's short for Pain in the Arse!)

So, as expected, this company called and so I had to go up to the meeting room to disturb the meeting. PA came out and started shouting her mouth off (all she needed was a tiny moustache and her arm in the air) and so I told her that Mr Byron had asked me to interupt, but she was having none of it and sent me away.

After the meeting I told Mr Byron what had happened and he went mad at PA and then she came and gave me grief! I'm dreading Monday. I know I don't have to go in there, but I really need to pay my bills and it keeps me busy. I don't know how anyone can work in an office like that though. I'm only there because the last admin assistant went off with stress (can't think why!).

So, tonight I'm going out with the girls, because I think I deserve it! I hope you all have a great weekend and until next time...(unless I've been sectioned!)

Callie signing off


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