Sunday, 23 September 2012

Temporary state of affairs

Hi all,

Hope you are enjoying your weekend, so far. I've had quite a week. On Monday, I went back to the office from Hell and stayed there until Wednesday. I was booked for the full week, but if I hadn't walked out on Wednesday, I probably would have killed somebody - namely, Amanda (the annoying one who thought it was terrible that I couldn't get a "proper" job). She was saying it again on Tuesday, so I lost my temper and shouted, "You're right. This isn't a "proper" job, is it? At least I'm only doing it temporarily though; you have to work here forever!" You should have seen her face; her mouth literally dropped open and, for one moment, I thought she was going to cry. Stupid cow. I have no time for patronising people. Anyway, on Wednesday, PA came over and told me that the report I'd spent all morning typing up, was "amateurish". I totally lost it. "What do you mean by that?" I'd asked and she replied, "I expected a lot better from an ex-journalist." I had to stop myself from thumping her, but then Amanda chipped in. "I know; she's been working on it all morning, too. Linda usually finishes them in about half that time." Agghhh! I had no patience for any of them, so I told them that, in this day and age, that I didn't expect to be treated with such a lack of respect and that they should find somebody else to work for them. I then phoned my temp agency and told them about their poor attitude toward temp workers and they agreed to release me from the contract. I then had a couple of days off and Friday I was sent to work in a Vets as a receptionist. That was more like it, seeing all those cute little animals. I loved it. And the vet was quite cute too. He was married though, so no romance, unfortunately.

One good thing happened, though. I was talking to the other receptionist, Charlie, and she said that I should become a freelance journalist. I hadn't thought of that. There are a few things happening, in my local area, next week and so I will be doing some articles and posting them on my blog.

Until next time,

Callie signing off


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