Sunday, 1 July 2012

Screwed-up Sunday

Hi guys

I'm typing this with my left leg covered in plaster and bandages. Why? you may ask - well, it is all Lila's fault, as usual. I wanted to have a little leaving do on Friday, the only problem was I didn't want to invite anyone I worked with, because I don't like them and I can't wait to leave, so Lila kindly offered to organize a meal in town followed by drinks at the local rock club. She'd invited Ella and Erin (who, yet again, was free to join us now that she'd been separted from her fiance's hip) and so I decided to take Lila's advice and dress girly for a change. I bought myself a nice dress from the high street, which was blue with little daisies printed on it and I bought a pair of high heels. They were a dark blue, made to look like denimn, with high, wooden, clog-like heels. Admittedly, it did take me a while to get used to walking in them,  but by the time we reached the restaurant, I was walking like a pro (not that type of pro!!!).

It was quite a good night. The wine and the gossip was flowing. Erin admitted that she wasn't ready for marriage and that she had fallen out of love (or should it be lust?) with her fiance and so we told her that if this was how she was feeling then she had to call the wedding off. She said that she couldn't do that to him and that if she did she would have to face him in work and that would be terrible. I told her she needed a new job, then, but she said that it was so hard to find work these days that she should stay put. I sometimes feel like putting a bomb up her arse because she just won't get motivated to do anything. It's not fair on her fella either.

We went into the rock club and one of my favourite songs came on and so I forgot I wasn't wearing my docs and I ran to the dance floor and that was when my heels decided to splay in different directions. I skidded on somebody's beer they'd spilt on the floor and landed spread eagled near some skinheads. It would have been physically painful if I hadn't been so embarrassed. My embarrassment sort of blanked out any pain. The skinheads helped me up but I couldn't stand and that was when the shooting pains started. They had to call an ambulance. Everyone was staring and it was just horrible. I'm supposed to be starting my new job tomorrow. I'm still going, but it will be on crutches. I knew there was a reason I didn't dress girly. I don't care if men think I'm a lesbian anymore; I just want to be comfy and not break my ankle when I'm on a night out.

It took me a while to get used to the crutches, as well. I think I've finally gotten the hang of it, though. It's ok when I'm at home because everything is on one level - it's stairs that are a problem. I'll just have to hope the lifts work tomorrow. And that is most of my goss this week. The gang at work got me a card and a photo frame with all their ugly mugs in it. I don't know why they thought I'd like it. Obviously, I wasn't popular enough for them to put into a collection for me. I shouldn't grumble too much. Tomorrow is the start of my new career and I've just got this amazing feeling that it will be the start of something special. I will update you next week, but until then...

Callie signing off


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