Monday, 16 July 2012

Moany Monday

Hi all

I am soooo tired. Hope you are all ok on this gloomy, wet Monday. I have been working literally all weekend. My boss decided it would be time to send me on a 'jolly'. Yep - a jolly. That's what she called it. I think her exact words were something like, "I thought it was about time that you went on a jolly. It's not fair that you're stuck here all the time while the others have all the fun. It's all expenses paid!" I didn't really get a choice and so I had to agree. I'm sure there is some law about having reasonable notice before having to give up an entire weekend but I was too fed up to argue. Anyway, jolly was not the word I would use to describe a rubbish weekend, locked up in a B& B (bed and breakfast) all by myself.

They sent me to this B & B near to some woods where people have reported UFO activity. I am quite interested in all this stuff - I love the X-Files, but I didn't want to have to go traipsing round woods in the dark, all by myself. I could have been murdered or anything! I wasn't murdered - as you've probably guessed, otherwise I wouldn't be writing this, but you can understand how scared I was, can't you?

It would have been perfect for Nick but I'm still not speaking to him, otherwise I might have suggested he join me. He would have had to pay for himself, but he's not short of money now he is some super journo in his new company.

I put my wellies and waterproof reflective jacket on and took my camera into the woods on Saturday and last night, because I didn't see anything on Saturday. I wasn't alone when I got there because there were loads of tourists with tents and everything, just watching the sky. At least I was getting paid extra to go, I wouldn't volunteer to spend my nights UFO watching. Boring. These people must have no life (no offence if you are one of them!).

Some of the people were nice, though. There was this lovely old man, Fred, who'd brought a flask of soup with him and he poured some for me because I was freezing. He told me that when he was little he saw a UFO and he said an alien put its face up against his window and it looked a little bit like ET but it was grey instead of brown. I didn't want to say anything, but I expect he was dreaming at the time - sleepwalking or something.

I did get to see something last night but it wasn't proof enough for me. There was a mist in the sky which glowed a bit and then disappeared. So, I didn't even get any photos. Melissa (my boss) was a little disappointed and she said that she would send someone else next time. As if it's my fault that the UFO didn't show up!

I'm going to the gym in a bit because I feel so flabby at the moment. Since starting this new job, I've not had time to exercise and there's always someone bringing cakes or biscuits into our office and I just stuff them into my mouth on auto-pilot. Coincidently, I read an article in the paper recently that said women who work long hours or who have high pressure jobs start to put on weight - Why didn't I think of writing this! I'm seriously slacking.

Anyway, I'm gonna grab my gym gear now and until next time...

Callie signing off


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