Sunday, 24 June 2012

Singalong Sunday

Hi guys

How are you all doin'? I'm ok. Last week in work was horrible. My boss is giving me all sorts of horrible jobs to do, just because I'm "leaving him in the lurch" (his words, not mine), such as sorting out the filing cabinet and waiting on all the visitors he's had recently. He interviewed for my replacement last Friday and I have to train up this geeky lad, all next week. I am so not looking forward to that.

I went out with the girls last week and it was great fun. We went to this transvestite bar first, which is always a good laugh. The only problem is that most of them look better than us, lol. Anyway, we went to this rock bar and Erin actually admitted that she felt too young to be settling down with her teacher guy. I knew there had to be something wrong, otherwise she wouldn't have come out by herself. She's been glued to him ever since she started that job. I told her it was just wedding jitters and all that but she went all quiet and weird. Ella was on top form and even before we got into the club she practically had her tongue down some poor unsuspecting guy's throat. He looked like Meatloaf. She likes that type - can't think why.

I didn't meet anyone. Typical. Lila says it's because men don't like women who look like lesbians (again, her words, not mine). I wouldn't like to get insulted by Lila because words come spewing out of her mouth before she's engaged her brain and most of the time she isn't trying to be insulting at all. I have nothing against lesbians, by the way and I know that some of them look extremely feminine;  it's just that, as I am not one, I don't wan't men to get the wrong idea. Lila says she's just trying to help. When I asked her to elaborate she said that I should grow my hair and stop wearing clumpy doc martens. I told her where to go, after that. There is no way on Earth that I am giving up my docs; they're comfy and they could come in  useful in the offchance that I may have to kick a deranged attacker who might want to murder me on my way home.

I can't wait to start my new job. I might get to meet a nice guy, there. I'm going out tonight with Lila. She's dragging me to the karaoke bar, because we haven't been for a while. The only problem is that the England match is on. I will have to wait until that's finished before I can get up and scream my lungs off. I hate the footie. I can't wait until it's all over. Lila likes watching football in the pub. She says it's a great place to meet men. I suppose it is, if you want a fella who likes to do nothing more than sit in a pub, swigging beer, burping and farting while he watches something I consider to be boring drivel. I don't know why she wants to go anyway considering she has a sugar daddy on the go.

Oh well, I am going to go get a bath now and then I'm gonna go up to my Mum's, have a Sunday roast before hitting the town with Lila. If you do like the footie, then I hope you enjoy it and "Come on England!" - I suppose I gotta show willing and all that. Until next time,

Callie signing off


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