Saturday, 21 July 2012

Quarter-life crises and balding men

Hi guys

What a week I've had. I need some good luck, or something to look forward to. Ever since I started my new job, things have been going so wrong. I've just finished writing up a piece I did last week. I got sent to an old mansion house, which is one of the oldest buildings in a nearby village and is supposed to be haunted. Melissa sent me along with one of my most boring colleagues, Mandy. I'm not being horrible (well, I am really...) but she is the most boring person I've ever met in my life and I'm including Nick in this, so you can tell how boring she is, can't you? She is about 40 and she acts like a nun, or something. She looks and acts much older than she is. We went to the house on Thursday, which was quite nice weather-wise, and she still wore a fleece jacket and a mid-calf length tartan skirt, which made her ankles look like tree trunks. She's got this red hair, but it's not a nice shade of red. Davina McCall wouldn't say nice things about Mandy's particular shade on her hair-dye adverts, put it that way. It just hangs in little limp threads around her shoulders. She wears circular rimmed glasses that she has a habit of looking over, so why bother wearing them? She is the ultimate frump. She talks dead slow, too. Honestly, I'm always yawning when I'm with her. I try to be all energetic and bouncy, but she still drawls and drives at 20mph in a 30 zone.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you a picture of the boringess that is Mandy, before continuing with my story. We went into the house, with our cameras and notebooks and Mandy started complaining about being cold. I was boiling, but she stood there shivering in her fleece. "I can sense paranormal activity," she'd said and I just shrugged my shoulders and tried to stop myself laughing as she started touching walls and going "Ooooh, Can you feel it, Callie?" No, I couldn't feel it. When I'd gone to the care home with Nick, I could feel it, but nothing was happening in the mansion house. It was just a plain old house.I reckon Mandy was trying to pretend just to get a good story.

Anyway, after an hour or boredom, we got back to the office and Mandy said that she would write up her experiences and I was to write up mine and on Monday we would collate the writing into an article. She said that if mine wasn't exciting then she would jazz it up a bit. In other words, they are making up stories to sensationalise them and attract readers. That is not the sort of journalist I want to be. I think I'm having one of those quarter-life crises that I read about recently. What if journalism isn't for me? What else can I do? Aaaaghhhh! I'm in crisis mode - help!!!

Today, I have written the truth - that the house, although old, was not in the least bit scary and if it was haunted, then maybe the ghosts come out after dark.

I'm going out with Erin again tonight. We went out for a meal last night and she told me that she was going to end it with her fiance, today. I tried to tell her that she is a committment-phobe and that the only reason she is dumping him is because she is scared of ending up with a baldy and that is just shallow. I also read recently that there is a new test people can do to see if a man is going to end up bald. If they sell them in chemists, I reckon Erin will be using it on new boyfriends. At least it will save the poor fellas from the humiliation of being dumped once their hair falls out. I am not that shallow. I have to find a decent fella to actually go out with and ask me to marry him before I start worrying about baldness.

Anyway, I best go now. I'm going out for a run while the weather is nice and then will have to shower before our night out. I can't wait to find out if she's decided to give it a go with him, though knowing Erin, the poor guy will be dumped for good.

I will catch up with you next week but until then,

Callie signing off


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