Saturday, 5 May 2012

Soulful Saturday

Hi all

How ya doing? My week has been pretty boring. I had no jobs to go and see and my boss said he didn't like my "only way is Essex" article. He said that it offended quite a lot of readers and he showed me a sackful of complaints. He said that we were lucky that they didn't sue us for defamation. I didn't say anything wrong! What is wrong with the world these days when we aren't allowed to express our opinions? I thought that was what a journo was meant to do! Anyway, I know my boss sometimes reads this so I have to be careful what I put - let's just say that he knows I aint happy and I've been speaking to Nick a lot lately, asking him how busy he is in his job. We have arranged to meet up on Thursday for lunch. I have the day off and I'm quite looking forward to seeing him again. He is working in the morning and then he has the afternoon off so he is coming to my apartment and we are going to drive into the city for an all you can eat Chinese banquet.

Lila is still with her sugar daddy and the other night she told me that it was getting serious. She was flaunting a new crystal necklace he'd bought her as she told me this news. I have my doubts!

And....Erin actually phoned me to tell me that she and her teacher are getting engaged. I almost fainted. I knew they were always together and everything but I didn't expect this. That's it for our friendship then, I guess. She doesn't want to know now so when she is married she will want to know me even less, probably. She wants me to be a bridesmaid too. I hate doing that. She'll want me to have girly hair and wear a dress! What an outrage! I've always said that when I get married I'll be wearing doc martens and a long black gothic dress. Not the done thing, I know, but since when have I done the done thing?

I've decided that I am going to do a photography course at my local technical college in September. The enrollments are in July and I can't wait. I need to get a new social life- and fast!

I've lost half a stone too! Since I've been going running and turning up at the gym twice a week to do some weights I've felt great - and I've still been scoffing Lila's easter eggs that she didn't want.

That's all my news for today, folks. Tonight I have decided to attend a local dramatic production of Quadrophenia ( apparantly it was a cult film in the 80s and I love cult films!) - not sure whether the local drama group will do it justice (my old Chemistry teacher is in it!) but who knows?

Until next time...

Callie signing off


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