Saturday, 4 February 2012

Squelchy Saturday

Hi guys

Don't you just love the word, Squelchy? I had to nip to the newsagents this morning to get a card for the electric meter and I didn't want to drive because that's just too lazy when it's only a ten minute walk. I put on my pink strawberry-patterned wellies and enjoyed myself, splashing in puddles and walking on the squelchy grass. It took me right back to my childhood, which was good considering the stress I've been going through lately...

Things are still dead in work. We only got sent to one job last week and that was a waste of time. We were supposed to see a bearded lady, but it was just a man in drag! We did an interview with him, or should I say her, but I still feel like we are letting our readers down. Let's face it, not a lot goes on in a small town. I've been here a couple of years now so I suppose it's time for me to start setting my sights a little higher. Nick has already applied for two positions, one in London. In one way I hope he gets it because it will make life less awkward, but on the other hand, I've become really close to him and I wouldn't want to lose touch with him. What will be will be I suppose.

I'm saving the best til last...Yesterday, I was minding my own business, tidying up my desk and searching the internet for other possible weird stories when a distressed Lila literally burst through the door of my office. I don't know why reception let her in, but anyway, she was hyper-ventilating and when I finally got her to calm down she told me that Edward had found her. "Who's Edward?" I asked, not really thinking and I almost hyper-ventilated when she told me it was her husband. He'd tracked her down and while she was telling me all about it he was shacked up with our mum, having a nice cup of tea. Apparently, Mum thinks he's gorgeous and she said he can stay with her as long as he wants. So now, he is staying indefinitely, while he and Lila sort themselves out. Lila hadn't told us what happened in Las Vegas, but I always assumed that it was her husband who was the bad guy. When I finally got to meet him yesterday evening, I also found him charming and really good looking. He told me that Lila just disappeared one day and he's been looking for her ever since. I still can't believe she would do that; I know she can be selfish, but that was taking the biscuit! He'd come to England to find out what he'd done wrong and to see if they could make it work. As Lila spent most of the night locked in her bedroom, I think it is best if the poor guy goes back home and hires himself a good lawyer.

Apart from that, nothing much else has happened this week. I'm going out with Erin tonight. We're going for a Chinese meal and then we're hitting the town. I need a new fella. That way, Nick will get the message that I'm not interested in him, that way and I might start to have a little excitement in my life. I will let you know all about it next Saturday. I usually find some time to write during the weekend, which is often lacking during the week. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and until next time...

Callie signing off xxx

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