Saturday, 2 June 2012

Jubilee weekend, Yay!

Hi guys

How is everyone today? I'm actually quite good, considering. I'm still moping around after finding out that I didn't get that journalist job. They told me that I didn't have enough experience in the music industry. I hate that! How do I get the experience? It is all well and good doing voluntary work but I need to pay my bills! It looks as though I am stuck chasing weirdos for the rest of my life. Oh well, I do believe that everything happens for a reason, though, and it obviously wasn't meant to be.

Did you watch Eurovision? I loved the song that won, but I was a little disappointed that the Russian grannies didn't win. As expected, the UK didn't do well - not surprising really. Euro fans like the acts to be crazy and colourful and a little bit naff, not slow and boring and drab. When will the UK organisers learn this?

Anyway, my barbecue went quite well. I have a confession. Nick couldn't come to my party and so I got talking to my neighbour, Liam. I hadn't really paid that much attention to him but when I got up close I realised he was actually quite cute. He's got these lovely auburn eyes - I know that doesn't sound nice, but they are like an amber/orangey colour to match his hair, which is a little messed up and he looks like he doesn't know how cute he is. Anyway, we got talking and he said that he had been trying to find an excuse to talk to me for ages and he was so glad I'd invited him to the barbecue. I invited him inside my apartment to watch the Eurovision and he admitted, when he was leaving, that he hated it but only stayed because he wanted to spend some more time with me. He's lovely. He works as a dentist, though, which is the only bad thing about him. I have always suspected that dentists have a bit of a psycho streak about them - who else would love yanking teeth out of people's mouths and drilling into their gums? He was quite nice for a psycho though. Anyway, as he was going he pulled me towards him and gave me a kiss!!! I felt so guilty, though because I am going out with Nick, aren't I? Now I don't know what to do.

I have seen Nick once since and I could hardly look him in the eyes. The only thing that has stopped me blurting it out to him is that it wasn't me who kissed Liam. Liam kissed me so it wasn't my fault, was it?

I haven't seen Liam since, but one of my other neighbours, Rosie - a seventy year old woman, is organizing a jubilee party for our apartment block and I have agreed to attend. I don't know whether Liam will be going but I have already asked Nick and he is coming with me. Things could get kinda awkward.

Anyway, I hope that everyone in the UK who reads this has a great jubilee weekend and until next time...

Callie signing off xxx

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