Saturday, 16 June 2012

Sizzling Saturday!

Hi guys

How are you? I am better than ever! I got the job! I got the job!Yipeeeee! Yee haaaaa! and all that....
I am so excited. I think I've spent the past week with a permanent smile etched on my face. I went to the interview last Monday and I was soooo nervous. I took my portfolio with me, which has all of my articles in it and I even dressed in a smart black trouser suit. It was a woman who interviewed me. She was lovely. Her name's Melissa and she's gonna be my new boss. She loved my work and said I would be joining a team of young, fresh talent and I should fit right in. She offered me the job on the spot and, obviously, I accepted! and then she showed me around the office where I will be working. I didn't get to meet everyone but there were about 4 or 5 people busy typing. They looked up and smiled at me and the atmosphere was just so laid back.

I felt so good handing my notice in. "Who's going to do Callie's World now?" was all that he said when I dumped it on his desk. "You'll have to change the name now." I'd replied and he'd just shrugged his shoulders and muttered "Congratulations." And that was that. I've got to give two weeks notice and then I'll be off to "The Rivendale Echo." I can't wait.

I'm going out with the girls tonight to celebrate. Erin is actually coming on a night out without her fella. Methinks the rose coloured spectacles have fallen off. I will find out later, of course.

It's a good job I've had something to smile about otherwise all this football on telly would have driven me mad! Why do they keep moving all of my favourite soaps around. It's not fair how my whole telly-watching routine has been ruined. Four whole weeks it goes on for, too - and then just when I think telly is going to get back to normal the Olympics starts! Oh well, hopefully I will be too busy with my new job to worry.

Anyway, I best go and get ready for my big girly night out. I hope you enjoy the week ahead and until net time...

Callie signing off


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