Saturday, 21 April 2012

Sleepy Saturday

Hi guys

I am so tired today after the hectic week I've had. I got some excting news - Lily's coming over and she will be staying with me. My boss agreed that it was only fair to invite her over to see the way we do things. I am so looking forward to it. There isn't that much for me to show her but she's never been to England so I suppose she will enjoy it all the same.

Lila also had some exciting news - she has got a steady boyfriend - although the word "boy" doesn't really apply here because he is 55 years old. Considering she is only twenty-one, the age difference is quite big and I don't understand it - but, what can I say. She met him on that website but they kept in touch and they fell in love (him with her looks and her with his money probably). I know I'm being a bit skeptical, but honestly! first she marries the first man she meets and now she's dating somebody almost as old as Dad! My parents aren't pleased, either. Lila does what she wants without caring about anyone else, though and she really doesn't care less what we all think. I met him on Thursday when she invited us all out for tea. He was quite good-looking for his age and did look a lot younger, but that's not the point. They don't seem to have anything in common at all!

Not much else has happened - oh, except for I got a tax rebate and bought myself a new smartphone so I might be able to update more regularly (when I find out how to work it - I'm not the most technical person!).

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your weekend and until next time...

Callie signing off


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