Saturday, 14 April 2012

Chilled-out weekend

Hi all

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend. I had a great Easter. Mum got me a huge mini eggs egg that I've only just finished today. It was so gorgeous and almost as big as my head. She got Lila one too, but because she is "watching her weight" (dunno why - she's thinner than I am!) she gave her egg to me. Even though I'm not speaking to her at the moment I accepted - I mean, come on - it's chocolate!

I went to Ella's last week and we had a good laugh. She said that she's missed her nights out with the girls. I told her that it was partly her fault that the nights out stopped and that every time she gets a boyfriend she dumps her mates. This nearly caused an argument, but, in the end, she had to agree that she had been spending a little too much time with her ex and that was partly what caused their breakup - boredom. They say familiarity breeds contempt and, in this instance, that is exactly what happened. Ella told me that the last straw was when she caught him staring at her, in a weird and not at all flattering way. She'd asked him what he was staring at and he told her that he thought she was putting on weight and that it was probably a good idea to stop eating so many take-outs. I almost spat out my wine when she told me this. How dare he be so shallow? I never liked him anyway, but this was outrageous. "I hope you told him where to go," I'd said and she told me that she was so shocked, at first, that she actually asked him where he thought she was gaining weight and he told her that her bum was getting a little "lardy" OUTRAGEOUS!!! Fortunately, once he'd said this, Ella had gone to the fridge, taken out a cream cake, shoved it all in her mouth and then told him to "Get lost!"

Great stuff. This is why we're such good friends...And why we're probably both still single! But, listen ladies, no matter how lardy we get, if men don't like us for ourselves then what's the point. There is gonna be a time, when no matter how many sit-ups we do, or how many cakes we turn down, that our bodies are just gonna age and give up anyway, so I, for one, want to be with a guy who doesn't care when this eventually happens (I'm not planning on it happening too soon. That's why I go running and to the gym, after all). It's a shame for Ella, though, because in her line of work, she is so stressed out that she is constantly shoving sweet treats into her mouth and she also seems to be constantly working and when she isn't she's too exhausted. She won't get another job either, because she said that she won't be able to pay her mortgage if she did.

Oh well, my job's just as boring as usual. I went to see that old woman who claimed to be the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe. I asked her how she "knew" this and she said that she'd gone for hypnotherapy for her arthritis and she ended up regressing to when she was Marilyn. She told me that her therapist was so excited she'd written down dates and everything. I thought it would be fun to humour her and so I asked her if she did commit suicide or if there was a conspiracy with the Kennedies. She told me that this information was personal and now that she was dead she didn't think she should be talking about it. Oh well, it was worth a try. I am attaching the photo I used for my article. Do you see any similarities? She reckons she still has Marilyn's looks and that, even when she was younger, people used to say she looked like her. It sounds more like an obsession than a real reincarnation, although, I would love to find real proof, one day.

Marilyn                            Mrs X

File:Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes trailer.jpg
I suppose there are some similarities, I guess. Anyway, I am on my way out to Mum's now. It's Lila's birthday and so I guess I have to make an effort. I bought her a bottle of DKNY. I was going to buy her some choccies (because I know she would give them back to me, lol) but I thought that would be a bit too cruel.

Anyway, enjoy your week ahead and until next time...

Callie signing off


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