Saturday, 17 March 2012

Duvet day

hi all,

How are you? I've had the best day today. What did I do? you may ask. The answer - nothing!
I  didn't get up until midday and then I went downstairs and made myself some nice bacon and eggs, then I got on  my settee and watched a box set of friends dvds. After three hours of friends, I decided to go back to bed for a while. I just lay there, all cozy in my pjs. Sometimes it does you good to just lounge around and do nothing. Tonight I'm going to Mum's. We're all having a family tea, now that Dad is up and about and tomorrow we are all going  out for a mother's day meal. I enjoy family time. Lila and I are still not speaking to each other but I guess I'll have to make the effort, to make Mum happy. I bought her a beauty experience at my local salon. It includes a hair cut and colour, a manicure and a facial. I hope she likes it, but knowing her she'll probably call me a cheeky cow and suggest I only got it for her because I thought she was in need of a beauty treatment. She's always been like that - trying to read too much into every situation. Totally oversensitive!

I guess I should tell you about my week. I got some exciting news on Thursday; I'm still buzzing! Lila is going to be sooo jealous when I brag about it later. Anyway, what happened boss called me into his office and he said that he was starting to enjoy reading my little articles about being blonde and so on and that they were a good space filler for when there was a shortage of weird stories. He then went on to say that he thought that they were too good to only use as a space filler and that they should become a regular thing. He said that his friend, an editor of a popular newspaper, had a regular lifestyle columnist who did something similar and that since she started working for him his sales have increased tenfold.

I didn't know why he was telling me about this, until he said that he'd arranged for me to spend a week shadowing her and the best bit....drum's in New York!!! I'm so happy! I can't believe that I'm actually going to get to go somewhere I've always dreamed of. And I get to stay with a girl, not much older than me, who seems to be a good laugh. I've read some of her articles and they are hilarious. One recent article was "Does my bum look big in this?". It was all about how lardy bums could ruin your outfit and self-confidence and that the best thing to do in this situation was to buy knickers two sizes too large so that you always felt as though you had a cute little derriere. There were other things she said, too, which are too rude to print here!

I am so looking forward to going. I get to go next weekend and so I will tell you all about it and maybe put up some photos if I can. I emailed Nick to tell him all about it and he was gutted. I didn't mean to rub it in (well I guess I did really!) but it worked. He said he wished he'd stayed with our newspaper now. I told him that he wouldn't have been invited anyway, lol, but he replied to say that, with his expertise, that he would have been and he would have enjoyed taking me on a stroll around Central Park.
That was another reason I'd watched friends, this afternoon. I'm devouring anything to do with New York at the moment and it feels great!
Anyway, I've got to go for my daily run, now. It'll wake me up and stop me feeling like a slob. I've lost five pounds already and I can feel my cellulite just melting away.
Enjoy your night and have a great mother's day weekend. Until next time,

Callie signing off


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