Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Washed-out Wednesday


So sorry I've not posted. I got called away on a work assignment - more about that later. I'll start by continuing from where I left off; I went to Ella's for our girly night out and Erin and Lila were also there. Ella's house is goregous now that it's been decorated. We spent some time mixing some cocktails before heading out on the town. Ella got a cocktail book for Christmas and we had some weird concoctions. My favourite one had baileys in it, some sort of fruit juice, brandy and topped with whipped cream, chocolate flakes and glace cherries. Yum. I felt sort of sick after tasting some of the others including one which had pernod and cider in it. (not very cocktaily I know).

It turned out to be a bit of a man hunt. All of us are single at the moment. Ella has just broken up with the rocker she's been dating. Apparently, some of her work colleagues disapproved and as she works in social services she thought she'd better dump him. Ella puts her work first. I couldn't do her job. She has to go to people's houses who treat their children terribly and some of the people she deals with are rude and sometimes aggressive. Erin is still living with her mum. She's got a new job as a teaching assistant. She likes it so far but the deputy headmistress is a bit of a pain and causes her grief sometimes. Lila is still waiting for her X-factor audition but in the meantime she keeps the job centre staff smiling by applying for as many jobs she knows she won't get as she can.

Anyway, we all went into town last week and we were drunk before we even got into the local niteclub, "Taffy's". It plays really cheesy music and a lot of sad old men in their forties go in there with their shirts open and big medallions on and other younger lads go in there wearing tracky bottoms tucked into knee high socks. There is no dress code and, to be honest, most of the men that go in there are not my type (and that's putting it kindly). Last week was pretty much the same as most weeks. Lila ended up talking to a young dark-skinned man who looked like a drug-dealer to me, but she liked him and said he was a nurse (well he certainly prescribes medication, I thought.) The only man who talked to me was about thirty and he had a geordie accent. He was working on a building site near me. That was the only bit I could understand. He wasn't ugly but he wasn't nice either. I made my excuses and spent the rest of the night dancing with Ella. Erin went home early because she was sick in the toilets. We made sure she got a taxi ok. And that was that really. It was a good night just catching up with the girls. We had a laugh and we said we'd make it a regular thing, at least once a month. Only the next time we'd go somewhere with more talent.

Anyway, I didn;t get to see the Agatha Christie girl because Nick and I got sent on a job. Our boss sent us all the way to Ireland because a local newspaper there was doing something similar to us and we had a sort of work swap thing where two of their staff came to England and we went to Ireland. We both got to learn things about how each other's organisations worked. In short, it was a bit of a jolly with lots of drinking (especially in Ireland!) and lots of irish dancing. I loved it. I would move there if I could. We didn't even get that much work done. It seems that they pretty much did the same things we did and so we spent most of the time meeting some very strange people and discussing them over alcohol later on. Nick tried it on a few times but I maintained my dignity and told him that I really didn't think it was a good idea for us to get together because it might compromise our working relationship. He insists that he will wear me down. We will have to see about that. Anyway, I'm going to sign off now because I'm off to the gym. After my recent trip to Ireland I have a few pounds to shift.

Take care and until next time,

Callie signing off xxx

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