Friday, 13 January 2012

Fat Friday

Hi guys

Hope you're all ok. I've had a bit of a boring week, well I say boring, but what I really mean is crappy really.  I was off sick for the first part of it and the more I lay in bed feeling sorry for myself the more I kept thinking about Nick. I'd given up thinking about Scott, but as I lay there stuffing myself with the eclairs that Lila kindly brought round to me (feed a cold, remember) I heard a knock on the door and I expected it to be Mum but when I opened it I almost collapsed when I saw it was Scott. I looked absolutely terrible (well there was no point in dressing up was there?) I had my smiley- faced pattern pyjamas on, my hair was unwashed (and had been for 4 days) and my skin was pale - exept for my red nose. He instinctively moved back, horrified obviously.

He had a bunch of flowers for me. I asked him how he knew I would be home on a Tuesday afternoon and he said Nick had told him I was sick and it turned out that he had also had a go at Scott and told him that if he didn't want to be with me anymore he should tell me so Nick could ask me out.

Anyway, I asked him what he wanted and he said that he did still like me and he'd just been busy with work and he was thinking carefully about us because he didn't really want to get serious with anyone who had a jealous streak. I told him that all women have jealous streaks, but most manage to keep them under control.

I told Scott that I wasn't sure I wanted to get serious with someone who could avoid all contact with me for such a long time. I told him that it would have been polite if he'd at least texted me to say that he was working, but he said he was too busy to do this and I said that if he was too busy to text me then he was someone I definitely didn't want to be with. And so that's that. We are officially over. At least I have closure now, though.

I went into work today and I told Nick about Scott and me but now he thinks that I want to get back with him. (Nick, if you're reading this I don't want to get with you either. Sorry but I want to keep work and my personal life separate.) I told Nick this at work but he said he is keeping his hopes up. He said he might have to look for a new job so we could date and I told him that if he left me in the lurch at work I wouldn't go out with him anyway. Oh well, I'm going to Mum's tonight. She's making her casserole (she always makes too much). After that Lila and I are hitting the town. I'm still recovering from the lurgy and so we'll only go the local karaoke bar. I've also been in touch with Ella and Erin and I've finally set up a date for a girls' night out. Tomorrow. We are all meeting up at Ella's. She's finally decorated so she's eager to show off. I've missed the girls so much.

We have a good few jobs lined up next week too. I'm supposed to be going to see a guinea-rabbit ( a cross between a guinea-pig and a rabbit- apparently it is impossible for such an animal to exist) and a girl who claims she is posessed by the spirit of Agatha Christie. Exciting stuff.

Anyway, I wish you all a great weekend and I will let you know more about my life when I update next week. Until then,

Callie signing off


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