Saturday, 25 August 2012

What have I done?

Hi guys,

How are you all feeling? I bet, if you live in the UK, that you are looking forward to a nice bank holiday weekend. Unlike myself; I won't appreciate it now that everyday is a day off for me! I can't believe that I quit my job. It has only just hit me what a stupid thing I did. I have tried all week to find another journalism job, but there haven't been any vacancies in my line of work in my local area.

My mum went mad when I told her. She said that I was welcome to move back into my old room, but that I would have to abide by her rules and put up with Lila. I don't want to lose my apartment. I love my independence! But the truth is, I haven't got any money coming in at all. I went into the dole office last week to see if I qualified for benefits. There was this horrible man sitting behind the reception desk. He had a big fat belly and a ring through his nose and his arms were covered in tattoos. When I walked over to his desk, he wouldn't even look me in the eye. I was so angry that he obviously thought he was so much better than me, so I stood up and I shouted, 'Why don't you have some respect and look at your customers!' And if that wasn't bad enough, he continued to look at his computer, and still, without looking me in the eye, he said, 'You are not entitled to any money, miss .....(I'm still too embarrassed to tell you my surname!) because you left your last position of your own accord. You will have to wait 13 week before we will review your claim.' I was still angry so I just continued to shout at him. 'It was enforced dismissal! My boss was a bully! How dare you sit there looking down at me. I could do your job - but I don't want to sit there all day looking down my nose at unemployed people just because I've got a job! If it wasn't for people without jobs, you wouldn't have one!' I didn't care that people were staring, but I was bothered when two security guards came and grabbed me under each arm and marched me out of the office.

So, I'm not allowed in my local dole office anymore. Not that I'm bothered about that. I will just have to think of something else. Right now I've got more important things to think about, like getting my ingredients ready for my girls' night in tonight. Now that I'm not working, I can't afford to go out and so I'm having the girls round tonight for a big pot of chilli and some glasses of wine. Hopefully, one of them might know of a job opening or something - and if they don't at least it's something to cheer me up.

Anyway, I won't depress you guys any longer. Have a great weekend, wherever you are and until next time...

Callie signing off


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