Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Where has the year gone?


What can I say? I'm so sorry I've been neglecting my blog lately. So much has been happening, you won't believe it all,if I tell you!

Firstly, I went to New York again to visit Lily. She was supposed to come visit me but, now that I'm back at my mum's house, there was no room and so she paid for my ticket over! How great is that? She is loaded though. They pay her a great wage, because she's appreciated. Anyway, it turned out not to be so great because I got there just as everyone was being evacuated because of the hurricane and I spent two weeks in Maryland with her aunt Bessie (no, she's not the one who makes the frozen chips!) and then, when I got home, my dad got rushed into hospital with, yet another, heart attack and this time it was worse. He stayed in for another couple of weeks and he's only just got back home now, but the doctors said he really has to cut down on his smoking and fatty food or else the next time could be his last. All my dad could say was, "Fancy telling me to do that over Christmas! That's the best time for fatty food and fags!" I do think he's scared though and is just putting on a brave face. He looks pale all the time, though, and I worry that this Christmas may be his last. Sorry for depressing you - I know that this column should be lighthearted, but life has been so stressful lately I've found it hard to look on the bright side and that is why I've neglected this blog.

I also split up with Nick, again, but this time it was him who broke things off. Just when I was starting to really fall for him, he told me that it wasn't working out. I thought we were getting on great, but he said he didn't feel ready for committment and that our recent trip to America made him realise that he wants to go back there to work. He's decided to buy himself another winnibago and spend the rest of his life travelling around the USA. So I'm single, yet again.

Anyway, now that things have settled down in my life, I'm hoping for a nice, quiet Christmas and I hope to update my blog at least once per week.

It's great to catch up with you all again. Until next time,

Callie signing off xxx

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